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image0011Qurtoba for Recruitment

Qurtoba for Training and Recruitment was founded in 2007 in Sudan, specializes
in Recruitment and supplying Manpower. In fact, we provide staffing
solutions daily for many of clients in a variety of fields, across the country.
In any professional business or staff are our asset and they alone holding the key to successful and profitable future.
We strongly believe in working in partnership with our clients to come up with
the best tailored recruit solutions possible.
Our Mission
Qurtoba training, recruitment and consultancy aiming to promote the individual,
and society To achieve such goals we provide them with skills & values that
contribute in making them distinguishable characters in life.

Our Goals
1- contributing actively in building and promoting human being perceptions and
2- To prepare trained individuals well so as to contribute with high rates in
training and development.
3- We aim in
getting vacancies
in different meager
and experiences.


Qurtoba Recruitment in Sudan Flyer

Our Values
1- Truthful.
2- Honest.
3- Faithful.
4- Perfect.
5- Professional


Recruitment Sources

Qurtoba have different sources to obtain the employees the first is advertisement of the vacancies and Qurtoba used different types of advertisement for examples Newspapers, TV channels, Boards of Universities, Brochures and posters websites also out Sudan we are cooperating with different recruitment agencies like and Gulf talent and also we advertised in Alsharg allawsat Newspaper when required.

Now Qurtoba have very storing tool in Advertising vacancies through big email group contain more than 50000 emails and through Qurtoba face book group and page and other social media

The second source is to use the head hunting

tool through expand net in most companies in Sudan and this will be if there are no suitable applicants.

Beautiful-businessman-in-black-costume-tie-ones-necktieRecruitment Resources

Qurtoba have Two data base systems the first one in Qurtoba website www.qurtobasd.comand it includes 25000 members in 100 Majors / Specializations and it is developed systems this system can automatically screen & sort of candidates and can classified the applicable and non applicable applicants which applied for any vacancies in the web site, .

The second system is Manual system or Excel system (Hard copies of resumes) and it is include more than 1000 members which classified in 43 Majors / specializations. Most of those are the applicants which not use the internet service to post their resumes like (Drivers, Technicians, Security, General workers …etc)

The two system include detailed information about the member and applicants and also hard files for any member this files include for example (Resume, Academic certificates, experience certificate and personnel information certificates like date of birth, Nationality, National service, living …etc).

The two system or Qurtoba data base contain more than 20000 emails and more than 25000 Mobile for Qurtoba member and subscriber.

?????????????????????????????????Type of Recruitment:

1. Partial Recruitment process

  • Advertising the JD in
  • Sorting out the cv, Short listing at lat Initial interview through telephone
  • Get Suitable candidates for the vacancies

2. Full recruitment Process

  • After partial recruitment process will move to:
  • Tests (Technical, Msc office and English)
  • Verbal interview (Technucal & Managerial)
  • Practical interview if necessary (Light & heavy drivers)

All these Tests and interview will be done through specialists and consultancies


Qurtoba Website Benefits

1- Benefits of Job Posting

● Greatly increases exposure to the greatest number of active job seekers

● Job seekers can begin applying in minutes to decrease time-to-hire

● Communicate professionally and share information

2- Benefits of CV Database Search

● Access the fastest growing database of job seekers in Sudan

● Quickly target top candidates and headhunt passive talent

● Manage candidates across users and offices

● Prospect with no limit on contacts

3- Qurtoba Group emails

● Advertise the vacancies for more than 20000 Job seeker through their emails

● Loest price for advertising and reach gratest numbers of job seekers

Qurtoba Achievements:

1- Recruiting 980 posts

2- Supplying 6400 labors & employees

3- Executing 22 outsourcing projects

4- Train more than 12000 person

5- Interviewing more than 10000 employees.

6- Provide Career counseling for more than 500 person

7- HR consulting for 10 companies 14 Jobs

8- Organizing the first Training Conference in sudan – Alsalam Rotan 2010

9- Organizing the first Job fair in Sudan – Friendship Hall 2009

10- Capturing more than 100 customers in & outside Sudan.


Areas of expertise :

1- Supplying of Manpower (Outsourcing)

2- Internal Recruitment

3- Overseas Employment

4- E-Recruitment

5- Job Posting

6- Sorting out of CVs

7- Job Analyses & Job Description

8- Salary Survey

9- Job evaluation

10- Performance evaluation

11- Employment & Managerial Training

Service for Job seekers

Careers11- Cv writing& Job application advice

2- Career counseling.

3- Job Hunting

4- Interviews advices

5- Receiving daily news vacancies

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